Blissful Blueberry Morning

I’m lucky. I live semi-rural, and have the bliss of being able to run out into the yard in my jammies and slippers to take some cool early morning photos, and to pick blueberries from our own bushes. Well, that was after I put on real clothes and had my coffee.

Now, please let me comment here…I am NOT a morning person. At all. I never have been, but my loving daughter started texting me early and woke me up. I wanted to throw a love punch through the phone. But, I was up, so I started my day. I was outside picking berries in a cool breeze and wasn’t sweating because the temperature hadn’t risen. And I realized I was blissfully smiling for no reason whatsoever.

And then it hit me. I am surrounded by daily natural beauty that I sometimes forget, and while picking berries this morning, I was indulging in everything I sometimes take for granted. Shame on me.

Now if you’re a city dweller – even if you are not – get away from whatever proverbial rat race in which you exist, and find a beautiful, quiet place (even in the city – yes, I do know they do exist), and find something that will make you appreciate the beauty by which you are surrounded. FIND and TAKE a few moments of solitude so your soul is full, at least until you move into the next task for the day.

I suppose my point is this – I don’t care where you live, there is beauty all around us and things that make us smile when we stop and appreciate them. The smile that you create might be the smile you revert to when the shit hits the fan later in that exact same day.

Now, off to make these muffins… going to put this recipe to the test!

We’d love to know what makes your soul happy and what simple things make you smile. Tell us!!

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