A successful, outspoken, intelligent, & beautiful woman scares the status quo.

Beauty is not defined here as what presents when you look in the mirror. This beauty is an attitude. 

A Dangerously Beautiful woman is considered dangerous precisely because she is accomplished, forthright, and bright. Combined with her inner concept of beauty, suddenly, she becomes alluring. She is inspiration to all. Her muses are the many women all over the world. She draws upon their unique style and flavor to create her own personal modus operandi. She may not be global, but she sure as hell doesn’t box herself in.

Dangerously Beautiful wants the innate essence nestled within every women to shine in this big ass game we lovingly call life – we all know the game, some of us play the game better than others, and some of us own the game. It’s time we all learned to OWN the parts we play.

A Dangerously Beautiful woman doesn’t play by traditional concepts of media-driven beauty and lifestyle standards. She develops her own autonomy, esteem, and style. There are universals to her: She is self-defined in all ways, her fashion game is wicked, and regardless of the topic, her attitude is delicious.

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Adapted from an excerpt: clutchmagonline